Why Your Cloud Chasing Build Matters

Many people think that competitive vaping solely relies on the skills, abilities, and techniques a person puts into action, but did you know that your cloud chasing build actually makes a difference in the way you produce clouds of smoke? Just like you need a great car to win a Formula 1 race, you also need an effective, efficient, and intelligent cloud chasing build to get a chance at taking home that cloud chasing crown. Your build matters, and if in case you didn’t realize that just yet, these reasons will get you to improve your build for sure.

Reasons Why Your Cloud Chasing Build Matters

  1. It Will Determine How Big Your Clouds Will Be – Isn’t this basically the goal of the game? When it comes to cloud chasing, it’s important that your clouds of vapor are big – this is basically how you win. When your cloud chasing build doesn’t allow the right amount of air in, it could take an effect on the size of the clouds that you produce. As a general rule, the more air your build allows inside, the bigger the clouds you produce will be. The flavor of your vape juice(e-liquid) isn't important the most important factor when it comes to juice is the pg to vg ratios.

  2. It Will Decide the Density of Your Clouds – Aside from cloud size, another thing that judges look into when it comes to cloud chasing is the density of your cloud. It’s one thing to create a great big puff of smoke, and another thing to produce a thick, dense cloud that can’t be penetrated with vision. Clouds that lack in the density department often end up looking like nothing more than fog and are quick to dissipate, making them a whole lot less interesting and entertaining to watch. Denser clouds are created by vapes with much less aeration, that means they don’t allow too much air to mix in with the vapor.

  3. It Will Change the Way You Perform – If you were riding a beat up surf board during a wave riding competition, it doesn’t really matter how good you are – your board will reap negative effects on your performance. The same goes for cloud chasing. If your rig is subpar, you might not be able to perform to the best of your abilities It’s vital that you make sure that your cloud chasing build is crafted to fit your particular skills and abilities to make the most of your techniques. After all, a cloud chaser is only as good as his build.